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This Over-the-Top Holiday Decor Idea Is Perfect for Making Fireplaces Festive

House Beautiful

Fireplace mantels we’re practically made to host seasonal decor. But if you want to go completely over the top this year, there’s one part of your fireplace that’s begging to be adorned: the inside of it. HomeGoods style expert Jenny Reimold filled her fireplace with piles of presents, and the magical display is certainly worth recreating.

To prepare her gas fireplace for the look, Reimold shut off the gas line (safety first!). Anyone with a non-working fireplace already has a present-ready setup. If you have a wood-burning fireplace and want to try this out, make sure it’s cool and clean before decorating it.

For the presents, Reimold recommends using three wrapping paper patterns in the same color palette. As you place the presents, “vary the way you arrange them by turning them horizontally, vertically, and even at angles for more visual appeal,” the stylist tells House Beautiful. “Pro tip: Don’t put bows on the boxes on the bottom, because they’ll just end up squished!”

Lean into your theme even more by coordinating with your tree and mantel. “I’ll often incorporate some of the ornaments I used to decorate those on the presents as well by using twine or ribbon to secure them,” Reimold says. "This year, I also leaned into my merry metallic theme by incorporating real and faux fir from the garland and swags.”

She also considered safety (and practicality) with the ornaments: "Since I have kids, I love using shatterproof ornaments to avoid any mishaps," she reveals.

Whether you go for a more traditional, glam, or wintery aesthetic, a present-filled fireplace is sure to impress anyone who sees it—especially kids on Christmas morning!

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