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An Outdoor Fireplace Idea to turn up the Heat on Even the Coolest of Summer Nights

Outdoor fireplace ideas are the ultimate way to turn your backyard into an entertaining space, using design to help you build the alfresco living space of dreams

Outdoor fireplace ideas can cater for a range of backyards and budgets. So before deciding on a design, it’s worth considering any specific requirements you might have. For example, a semi-enclosed model, such as a chiminea or ceiling-mounted fireplace, might be a good option for exposed yards and blustery coastal spots, while a simple bowl design could be sufficient in a more sheltered outdoor space.

‘Choosing an outdoor fireplace can also be about more than placement and safety,’ says European Home’s founder Holly Markham. ‘Now, you can find designs that really enhance the beauty of your outdoor space, with organic forms and sculptural features that look just as good when not in use.’ For Holly, a fire is a must-have whether indoors or out. ‘Fireplaces provide a gathering place and appeal to people because of their warmth and visual allure. They encourage conversation and relaxation, and there is simply an emotional and universal draw to fire.’

They are a wonderful companion to an outdoor kitchen, or a place to gather in their own right. But do think about what it takes to run them. When it comes to fuel, a wood-burning outdoor fireplace will bring the atmospheric sounds and smells of a real fire, while a gas-powered model is quick to ignite, smokeless and easy to extinguish. For a more eco-friendly option for your backyard, consider a bio-ethanol model, which has similar features to a gas fire but with the added benefit of a renewable energy source. Whatever fuel you choose, there area wealth of different styles to choose from, whether you go for an off-the-shelf fireplace or a bespoke design. We’ve complied a few to ideas to help you get started below. ‘This contemporary courtyard garden is a peaceful retreat from the city, extending the living space beyond the walls of the house and into the landscape,’ says James Lord, founder/partner of a landscape architecture studio.

Here, a concrete hearth creates a hub for gathering outside on the patio, which is composed of stone slabs interspersed with flowering thyme and sedum plantings. ‘The hearth itself is an abstract composition of pristine white concrete backed by the rippling surface of a black basalt fountain wall that slides behind the flame of the firepit,’ continues James.

‘At night, the courtyard is enlivened by a band of recessed lighting highlighting the floating architectural edges and washing the sunken plantings with light.’

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